About Author

author My experiments with word play started many years back and than it was the adulation that I received for all the  nasty below the belt hitting limericks that kept me going. On and off I would write some poems too.
The change I guess was triggered around my mothers death. When I decided not to hurt any one with my words. Rather let my poems help me and any one who read the same was the thought process and this evolved with time.

Since than most of what I have written, is as life has taught me. Life has blessed me with great masters and teachers. People around, nature, the animals every body and anybody has blessed me with divine learnings.
Now I simply choose to express my learnings and insights thru poetic lines. Poetry is thus my chosen form of expression. Poetry has also helped me grow in my internal space. The poems thus that get written work like a mirror for me. Showing me the real me, pushing me and nudging me to change and walk the path into the deeper depths of my being.
I choose to write using a pen name as now I truly belief that these poems are comprehensive outpouring of life’s learnings. And as many have contributed to ensure that I learn these lessons, truly I just cannot singularly take credit for what I write.
Why the name Unicom some ask. Well unicorn is the mystical flying horse which is the bearer of good tidings love peace and good fortune. I pray from my heart that these poems have and deliver to the reader the same magical properties that the unicorn will bring in their life.
Sandeep jain