The burning coals

The burning coals

Could not burn the walkers feet
The blades edge was dismayed
As to walk with feet bare
The walkers took up the dare
The intent
The desire
The belief
That I can do
That I will do
The burning desire
Such that it Kindles in a chosen few

Fire and blade edges
Are metaphors just
As Life challenges us
With situations where we refuse to ourself trust

The love pain driving us to edge
The emotional turmoil
The ego fire
At such times
Self trust and belief is all for what we should aspire

Walking this life with naked emotions
In the burning fire of ego and anger
Cutting our soul with the sharp edge of jealousy

Yes we can remain un scathed
By swimming in the waters of love
Walking in the safety of self belief
The antidote best
Look ahead ….and walk
Letting the walk be the words we talk

The unicorn

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