Dear Maestro

Dear Maestro

Dear Maestro
At times I miss your divine presence
As if without you lost is this very life’s essence
Yet at times such when, you are missed by me
Your very presence in my thoughts, of anxiety sets me free

Dear Maestro
I wonder at times
As the cuckoo in the wall clock chimes
What would you say to me
How would your auric presence, set me, from my karmic bonds free

Dear Maestro
As I look back and compare the me of now and the me of past
Probably its your presence in my being that’s bringing about the changes so fast

Dear Maestro
You are the breath
You are the soul
As thy name I chant
Magically shrinks the list of all that I want

Dear Maestro
Every inhaled breath carries your divine essence inside
Enriching my being
What I exhume is just but your essence
As in the chambers of my being you expand your majestic presence

This head I bow in thy holy feet
I pray dear Maestro
Grant me a tiny space
In thy hearts lotus seat

The unicorn

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