those living…to decide will be free

those decide will be free

how will i look
laid on the pyre
atoned with ghee and garlands
all set to be put on fire

will i be smiling
having lived a quenched life
or will i be sad
as all my life i reaped the karma bad

some friends and some family
would still be around
though by now many would already be
on their celestial journey abound

will they gossip and bitch
about my deeds
or will the regale in pleasure
about all the riches accumulated by me greed

i would prefer though
they see the world thru the eyes that i saw
not be sad….nor cry
as in death….i graduate
and to the next level i fly

life has
delivered to my door step awesome learning’s
far more precious
than all my accumulated earthly yearnings

than i think
how does it matter
and why should i care
gone….i will be
those living…to decide will be free
….the unicorn

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