its funny i think

its funny i think

how at times at reality i laugh
and the same realities at times make me cry
how will ever i be reborn
if i refuse to die

its funny i think
the dualities of my life
the joy within the strife
the sorrows within the smile
the laughter disguising my painful cries

its funny i think
how i float only when i accept to sink
i fly….only when i accept to fall
life answers my questions….even if i don’t call

its funny i think
that life blesses me
with the gift to write
and infuses in me
the plight sensing sight

life…nothing but fun
disguised sorrows
disguised hurt
disguised pain
disguised heartburn
when all that life delivers….is fun

the fun…..that we call love
the love….that in fact is quite serious matter
its always around….yet so rarely found
this love….
its funny i think
in this phenomena called love
so few of us accept to sink
…the unicorn

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