forgiveness is not so serious business….ha ha

forgiveness is not so serious business....ha ha

dear wife
i forgive you
for the first bad kiss
when you bit my lip
and gave me a slip

dear teacher
i forgive you
for that pinch
that you enjoyed making on my hip

dear brother
i forgive you
for not sharing with me the ice cream
and kissing my girlfriend in my dream

dear sister
i forgive y0u
for the spanking
i got thank s to you
when you disclosed my real ranking

dear mother
i forgive you
for forcing me to have milk
not your fault
cadburys had not yet launched the chocolate called silk

dear father
i forgive you
for kissing my mother
yeah now i know…
that was the start that brought us the younger brother

dear friends
i forgive you
for not giving me the right sex tips
heaven just not lies within the hips

dear poets
i forgive you
for being so sad
i guess for a funny poem..this is not bad

………..the unicorn

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