the crunching pain

the crunching pain

the crunching pain
the spasm it hit me
the back was cramped
the legs refused to move
each heart throb
in my back could be felt
as each throb a painful blow dealt

my eyes
to open refused
as if with no sight the pain would defuse
ha the mind does play the game of ruse

in the book heal your life i had read
the stress of financial crises
is connected to the back
the feeling of such a desperation
causes a lower back attack

the realization dawned
the connection established
to me i started to talk
in the bed
in my mind
on the streets i began to walk
to me more and more i began to talk

with time
the stress defused
the pain reduced
the eyes opened wide
and ready i am
for life’s next ride

the unicorn

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