the never ending more

the never ending more

more food
more friends
more name
more fame
more adulation
more money
more clothes
more gold
more success
more gadgets
more cars
more toys
more girls
more boys
more sex
more guns
more deaths
more oil
more recoil
more more more
more more more
no end of this more in sight
as towards more insanity we slide
more work
more stress
more alcohol
more dance
more trance
the more we search
the more we need
the more we greed
the more we slide down indeed

the mores external….no more
the insides
we need to explore
more peace
more mediation
more thinking
more sharing
more caring
more loving
more giving
more forgiving
the more inside i go
towards the external mores…
more i slow

anger…no more
frustrations …no more
greed…no more
ego…no more
jealousy…no more
fallacy…no more

my self
in peace
abundant joy
abundant love
never ending peace
never ending joy
in life
in death
no more….not even breath

the unicorn

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