It’s a boy

Its a boy

It’s a boy
Said the nurse
The joy knew no bound
As the dancing feet refused to stay on the ground

The parents in joy
Relishing this feeling so coy
Brushing aside the challenges many
The parents ensure
The son grows
To live up to what ever potential he shows
No efforts spared
He is the one
More than themselves for whom they cared

The boy grows
With praise glows
Best in grooming
Best in education
And in a few years this bud
As a bright fragrant flower is blooming

The education done
A great job awaits
Open for him are the corporate gates

The parents with time age
Yet the betterment of the son
Is the only thought in which their minds they engage

Love is the call
Marrige is scheduled in the fall
They are overjoyed
As the dream they scripted was coming true
A dream realised by so few

Unknown to the parents
The married young ones
Take a call
Parents will be a burden
If we want our life to be a ball
They leave
As a young couple they live
They love
The smile
They play
They rock
The parents are left in a state of shock
No savings
No income
Some how for self they fend
Wondering how the loving story that they had scripted
Was coming to a horrible end

Alone they live
In sadness …. The couple old
Alone they live
In celebration … The young and bold


The young love will bloom
The bride will soon be impregnated by the groom
The child will arrive
The young ones will too age
Realisation may dawn
Leaving the parents was wrong
Alas life will have moved on
Too late perhaps to sing this song

The unicorn.

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