our triangles on a square

four triangles on a square

four triangles on a square
pointing to the top
call me and say
“come merge
to one as emerge
stop this life of mere
rise beyond the needs to feed
rise beyond the social greed
stop this life mere
stop living in this square”

the mere wants
the mere needs
the mere complaints
the mere plaints
the mere fights
the mere anger
the mere urges
the mere surges
me and my mere
the need of a meal square

says the pyramid
as from dust i have risen
shed the corners
merge in to the one
the one divine
called by names varied
by the mortals – concerned only with me and mine”

four triangles on a square
two sides parallel
two pairs
bending to meet
at that one point each other greet
shedding their identity
and emerge
as one point
pointing to the one
cocooned internals
safeguarding and growing whats inside
slanting externals
lets the external be external
here they simply slide
the thoughts
that the rules of the divine do not abide

four triangles on a square
calling me
to stop living like a mere

the unicorn

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