the leap of faith

the leap of faith

the leap of faith
the most difficult
entrusting the being
trusting the faith
testing the faith
the divine will
is it right..?
will i survive the flight..?
the chosen path, is it the one….
that will deliver divine love
or the bring the mercurial wrath……?
in these challenging times
when all is sold in the name of faith
what is right…?
and what is wrong…?
simple faith no longer the melodious song
whom do i trust
where do i place the faith

with folded hands
on my knees
i bow to the the open sky

the divine light
squints my sight
the rays of the sun
showing the way
“none of the faiths is worth the sway
trust in self
look inside
cast away
all that takes you aside
close your eyes…to open them
listen to your heart….to silence the ears
inhale the breath
live to love
and embrace death
yin and yang
life and day
negative and positive
hope and despair
life and death
all within reside
faith in self is the one to trust
so simple…yet at times difficult to decide”

the unicorn

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