Two sides of the same wall

Two sides of the same wall

On this side of the wall
Drinks flow
On the table is the lavish food show
Music blares
Scantily clad women care a damn about the stares
Filled stomachs are stuffed
To take selfies the combed hair ruffled

On the other side of the wall
Will I sleep with a full stomach … Is the big call
Drinking water is scarce
To consume the little food they have
The members of the family are at war
The scanty clothes barely cover their bare
What the fuck that say … Who cares

On the foot path
They share the food
Both strays
The man and the dog
Seeing them eat from one plate
Enriched my being
Makes me feel good

Two sides of the same wall
The poet in me soaking in the reality
Sadly smiling at the life’s duality

The unicorn

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