treasure trove

treasure trove

life blessed me with the art to write
the best treasure ever
as evaluated by my souls sight
the treasure trove of many a thought
the mixed bag of experiences – the varied sought

the poetry that my soul pens
the journey that with each poem begins
the heart that beats in the words that appear
the sorrows and joys that in such words with ease disappear

the treasure chest is now open for all
come take away all you can ….this is my hearts call
the emotions
the feelings
the love
the hate
the ups and downs
and the everlasting moments great
the turmoil
the learning
the joy
the living
the hatred
and the forgiving
take what you want
and come back again
if in one go you cannot take all you want

my life’s treasure trove
is for all to peep
you choose
you wanna float or sink deep
……the unicorn

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