the God sits in peace

the God sits in peace

today i could visit one of the most proficient deity
and his latest hot spot
the place of miracles
here i see… thousands in queue
for just a momentary view
the momentary glimpse
before in the crowd the mighty statue will eclipse

my mind ticks
prodding me
is this spirituality
…..or just miracle and related tricks
the lord and his statue….
and the people who lord on this statue
and than the lords… of this statue

the lord of rings
surrounded by the wants and desires of millions
stands in magnanimity the king

moments after having been pushed and prodded past him
finally I can stand in peace

answerable only to my whim
around me banners imploring me to donate
donate money, silver or gold
huge donation boxes i see….as my head i rotate

the God sits in peace

the flower seller hope that i buy from him
the sweet seller prays that i buy from her
the management hopes in my pocket i dig
wow i whisper to myself….this is big

the unicorn

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