He & she

He & she

His world was falling apart
Life had declared him a failure
Though the people thought he was smart
Torn was his mind
The consistent failures had on him not been so kind

Tired body
Tired mind
The spirit broken
He was totally shaken

Back home … Bad was the mood
Alone staring at the stars he stood

Two arms embraced him from behind
A light kiss
He turned around
There she stood
His wife
His better half
She held him tight
Refusing to let go his face out of her sight

“I love you
I trust you
In you I have faith
Don’t give up yet
Don’t worry…drop the fret
I believe in you
So you must to believe in you
Care a damn if you are trusted by few
I love you
My faith in you is intact
This my love is the fact”

Listening to her words
Tears rolled down his eyes
Suddenly the north star had shown up on the skies
The star of hope and light

The star who never refused to give him light
Hope revived
Thanks to her faith and love
In the fight of life – he survived

The unicorn

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