Peace and it’s pursuance


I talk
I read
I write
I love
I share
I care
I express
I run
I walk
Cycling I go
At times fast sometimes slow
I pray
I chant
I smile
I laugh
I cry
I forgive
I repent
I eat
I fast
Yet peace never lasts

Now Peace I pursue
Without perusal

Peace in acceptance
Peace in repentance
Peace in life
Peace in death
Peace inhaled & exhaled with every breath
Love encapsulating every thought
Love so pure
Birthing in me
Immense peace for sure

The pains I love
The gains I love
The failures l love
The successes I love
Love the reality
Love binding my duality
Love encompassing all
Love surpassing all
Love my destination
Love the only reality
In peace now rests my duality
In love ….
Peace I embrace
In peace ….
I experience love

The unicorn


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