Life ….in a tea cup

Life a tea cup

I drink may be ten cups of tea in a day
But I remember the taste of none I say

Engrossed I am in thoughts many
Thinking about past
Planning my future
Organizing my day
Never noticed I even the cup, made of plastic, glass or clay

The only one time when the taste of tea I savored
Was when I held the tea in my hand
Tasting the taste
Sensing the flavor
Enjoying the warmth
Engrossed in only the tea
Of all other thought my mind was free

Life is so much like tea
Many a times the cup is over before we realize
When we hit the bottom we express surprise

When we hit the bottom of life or cup of tea
Its too late than to taste life or tea

Let’s wake up now

Take hold of our life like we hold the porcelain cup precious
Let’s relish the warmth and taste and make our loving smile infectious

Life is so much like the cup of tea
By being in the moment we choose to enjoy and relish
Or lost we can be in past deeds or future needs and simply perish.

The Unicorn

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