Thank you death

Thank you death

The huge flames
Engulfed him
He the star- the ultra rich

The velvety black hair singed
The smooth skin charred
The once darting eyeballs melted in the heat
The teeth finally turned to ashes
So did the bones
The tongue ever so eager to talk and taste
Disappeared in a haste

Useless were the kilos of gold
Useless were the balances in the bank
Useless were the diamonds
Useless were the expensive clothes
Useless were the calf leather shoes
Useless were the relations
Useless were the tax saving donations
Useless was almost all
As death is a great equalizer

Rich or poor

After death all go the same way
Ashes to ashes
Air to air
Water to water
Even the fading memories begin to scatter

Thank you death
As you teach me equality
You motivate me to think
Think beyond money
Act beyond filling my stomach
Or licking the life’s deceptive honey
Thank you death

The Unicorn

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