Karmic debts….

Karmic debts....

The unpaid loan
The stress
The groan
The painful moan
The unpaid loan

The debt that needs to be squared
The account that needs to tally
The credits that in my favor need to rally

The burden
The stress
The mind, the soul, that’s such a mess

The books can never be closed
Till the debts are nil
Repaid will all loans be
Of debts my soul will be free

The debts
The loans
The never ending Karmic moans

Love the only inter birth multidimensional currency
Interest free love
No sympathy, pure empathy
With love all my debts karmic I will pay
With credits of love
In my favor
My karmic balance sheet I will sway

Love the supreme asset
Love the priceless possession
Love the currency, which grows even in recession

Now with love all my karmic debts I will clear
Now thanks to love all souls to me the eternal soul will be dear
The Unicorn

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