No more……

No more......

He slept in peace
Eyes closed
Relaxed face
Seeing him I smiled
Finally in deep sleep he is caught
He is so relaxed was my only thought

He just lay there in peace
My loving touch
Got from him no response
As if he was in a deep trance
The face was cold
So were the feet
The doctor was called
Your father is no more I was told

A bolt out of the blue
The reality dawned on me
Gone, he was dead
No more his caring touch
No more his whispered teaching
No more his solemn preaching
No more his loving tap
No more his guidance, which worked like a live map
no more his selfless love
No more his experience of life more valuable than the treasure trove

No more any one to look forward too
No more any one to give an unbiased view

No more……

The Unicorn

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