Beggars…..we all are

Beggars.....we all are

I am the beggars son
We beg while sun shines
Mother Father Sister and me
Than sleep where ever we can for free

Since childhood begging is the game I play
The best beggar I will be one day
Needs I do not have many
Just enough clothes to cover body mine
Just a little food, so the stomach does not whine

We spread our hands
To one and all
Help us with what ever you can is our only call

Some passers by give me just their look
As if I was the non living, unwanted boring book
Some refuse to look at me
I am dirty outside, they are dirty inside
Begging is our common goal
In me they see the hidden image of their soul

I am the street beggar
You…… are the smart beggar

The Unicorn

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