Her smile flashes from the sky

Her smile flashes from the sk

Her smile flashes from the sky

The ambulance with flashing lights
Drives by me ; Races ahead
Gosh Who’s dead
Old memories come back seeing the sight
Sitting I was inside
My mother
Dead mother lay beside
Her soft skin was cold
I could feel it as I removed her ornaments made of gold

For eternity frozen is her smile
Questioned me this live smile of my mother dead
Will you take care of your dad
Will you remember all that to you I taught
Or will you in the selfish swirls of the life’s tornado be caught
Will you the love share
Will you for others selflessly care
Will you feed before you eat
Will you relish the life’s challenges as you relish the chocolate treat
Mothers love
Even in her death she cares
Her soul to her children she bares
Soon her cold body ..turns hot red
As lit up with fire is her wooden logs bed
Her broad frame now fits in an urn
Urn full of her ashes
Externally calm….internally my emotions churn

Years have gone by
Every time I look up
Her smile flashes from the sky

The Unicorn

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