Wake up… Master wake up

Wake up...

Wake up…

Master wake up

The first rays of sun shine
I sit up….than run
To wake up master mine
Wake up master
Listen to the chirpy sparrows
Open your heart to be pierced by natures love arrows
Wake up
Enjoy and relish the morning
Stop sulking and mourning
Wake up
Let’s go for a walk
Let’s do our morning talk
Wake up
The sun is ready to share
Its golden glow for all those who care
Wake up
Let’s walk to the beautiful tree
Whose roots are deep and branches free
Wake up
To enjoy the beautiful nature
And relinquish your artificial stature
Wake up
Listen to my bark
Its the time to rise and shine as getting over is the night dark
Wake up
Let’s enjoy our morning meal
With hope pleasure and zeal
Wake up
Let me shower my love on you
As you are my master true
Wake up
Master let me sit in your feet
As your mere presence is a treat
Wake up…..
Master…..Wake up

( This poem is written by me…as expressed by my dog Leo. If only I could express such love and devotion towards my master…the Lord almighty…every moment I live will be worth living. Many of my friends say they live a dogs life in big cities. But I see no similarity)

The Unicorn

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