My two halves

My two halves

My two halves

In front of me stands me
One the reflection of other
As if facing I am my twin brother
I am split in two
Active and passive
Small and massive
Love and hate
Bad and good
Ignorant yet grand
Who am I …I ask
As staring at me I stand

Is my YIN better
Or is my YANG
Why am I two if I am one
My two halves
Like the matter and space
If it weren’t for matter …space would have no face
Like the day and night
The soothing darkness welcoming the light…bright
Like the egg and the sperm giving birth to life new
To ensure that natures resources constantly renew

My two halves
Like body and soul
Each important…so the other can meet its goal

So choose can I how
my better half between me and me
Me the creator
Me the destroyer
As I sustain
As I restrain

My two halves…entwined
Each one feeding the other
My two halves…

The Unicorn

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