My leash

My leash

My leash

I was born free
No attachments
Simply happy and free

As I grew up
So did my needs and deeds
No longer I am adorable or cute
No longer can I talk at will, circumstance on me impose a mute
Hunger makes me, many feet and palms lick
Needs…real and perceived makes me…in unruly situations my neck stick

As I grow so do my karma
The karma collar puts me on a leash
I think I control but controls me, my karma
My life..
My movement…
My choice…
My friends…
My taste …
My peace..
My haste….

..Karma controllable yet not
..Karma of deeds and thoughts
..Karma the foundation of my dharma

My leash….my karma
My leash….my karma

The Unicorn

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