I have dream…

I have dream...

I have a dream… to be a poet known

With poetry to transform into joyous scream, every heartfelt moan

I have a dream… to make education free

Thus deep roots every child will have like the lavish green tree

I have a dream… that every bussiness deal

Ends hunger, thus ensuring every human gets a square meal

I have dream…like eagles I soar

Motivating all I touch to do that little more

I have a dream… to spread the smile and cheer

Love and loving smile to dissolve all fear

I have a dream… that share all their learning for free

Ensuring we keep watering the knowledge tree

I have a dream… one day all my dreams will be fulfilled

The day…will be the day when my soul will smile..and body be still ed

I have a dream….
I have a dream….
The Unicorn

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