The Jungle….

The Jungle....

The Jungle
The roar of the traffic
Loud and clear
The Lords of the road
Are always in the angry mode

Humans like birds reside in nests many
In the mechanically arranged boxes… uncanny
Like insects and bugs hidden in crevices
People survive in holes unseen
The owls in the night come out
To the free ways scout

The concrete structures rising from the ground
Stand tall..where once stood pines and oaks on the ground

The shade of the trees…no more
For fresh breeze…buy air conditioner’s more
The rising sun..on FB I see
The flying more rest on branches of trees

The morning tweets and chirps of the birds can still be heard
….Sadly from the devices each human carries around like a nerd

Every thing is changing at a pace fast
Except for the rule..
The rule of the Jungle that stays
The beast …in the human rules
He kills and preys
Destroys nature…
…for artificial stature
Human the new beast
…He rules the jungle
…The Concrete Jungle

The Unicorn

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