Poetry has chosen me

Poetry has chosen me

Blessed I was with the gift of the gab
My spoken sentences sounded fab
Many a butt I did kick
With my remarks sneaky..yet tongue in cheek
They flowed from my mouth
Stream of words
Some good..some nasty
Uncanny some and some uncouth
This went on for many a year
My poems hurt others without any fear

That moment in time when I lost my mother
Was probably the moment
I chose for my mental makeover
Poems for me became my mirror
A reflection of my mind
The image of my soul
The choice to change
To my mind rearrange
Was the choice of my life best
This made me..put me to test
My mothers parting gift I guess
To help me choose..to get out of mine mental mess

Poetry for me soon became a passion
I choose to write and share
Write my soul without bother or care
I thought…I chose poetry
Poetry has chosen me
Simply…..to set me free……

The Unicorn

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