My death …with your love you will kill

My death ...with your love you will kill

My father…
Was worried about death
Not about himself
….but he thought
What will happen to my family after he takes the last breath
On the given day and time
Before the cuckoo clock could sing the six o clock chime
His body was left alone by his soul
To move on…..
Passed away he in his sleep
While dreaming we all were in slumber deep

We all die

Even die I will one day

Leaving behind all that I call mine
Holding my hands will be
Only my deeds love filled and divine
O my loved ones ..
Please do not cry…
As for sure…some day even I will die
For me be happy…
And go on doing the good
Move ahead from where once we together stood
Live life…
See me in others
The children of this world..
….all my sisters and brothers

When do this you will
My death with your love you will kill
Once again I will live
In hearts all around…
…. only if love you in them you instill

The Unicorn

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