Dear Son…

Dear Son...

Dear son
In your journey of growing
Remember life is all about knowing
Knowing your self and learning

To meet the needs of living
…you have to earn
But in this process never forget to learn
Teachers you have had many
…and you will have many
Respect all…
as only reverence ensures..
…you keep learning
And for growth…spiritual keep yearning

In my life I have innumerable teachers
Some doers some preachers

…living and non living
…animals and birds
…plants and trees
…mountains and rivers
…saints and seers
…juniors and peers
All have taught me..
..taught me well
Thanks to the teachers
My life has been swell

We are together now
So share I can with you..
Taught me life how..
Life…your life will also teach you well
Deliver it will on your doorstep …both haven and hell
Respect life…
…spread love..
..share and care
Never forget …
Purpose of living is to learn you may goodies many with wealth you earn
But love… can never be bought
Love is divine
Love is the only alcohol free intoxicating wine
Love is to express and share
Love is to care and to be cared
Love is joy
Love is the heartfelt smile
Love is the whisper..heard from a mile
Love happiness in things simple
Love is in giving
Love is in every moment living

Dear son
As you grow..destiny will may be from me..take you far..
Remember always
Love is the only magic potion
..which heals deepest wound and the ugly scar
To be loved
Love without reason
Love without a care

The Unicorn

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