I am……An insignificant speck of dust

I am......An insignificant speck of dust

I am no scientist
Nor am I philosopher
No preacher

No teacher
I am just but a student
…An insignificant speck of dust
In my orbit flying
Why am I me…
To understand this ..trying

And theorems
Exist many…and will exist many more
Never have I understood them
Thus never delved in their core

I simply know that I exist
Thanks to many…
Hands and minds many
Known..un known and some never known
I thrive in their giving
I live in their living
I thrive in their love
I grow in their love

The beings and things all around
Some known..many un known and so many never known
To all of you
I bow with may hands folded
My neck down
Eyes moist with gratitude
Heart full of love
Knees ready to bend
My ego seeking its end
I bow and thank
For thanks to the love you give
You let me live
You let me breathe
You let me love
You let me give
You let me take
You let me…my life make

Thank you
Energies all…
Vibrate you with love
As living by giving is your call
Soulful…..thank you

The Unicorn

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