I am the outcast

I am the outcast

I am the outcast
The untouchable
The mentally challenged
The official slow learner
The reason for many jokes
The recipient of sarcastic pokes
I am the out cast
I don’t look like others
The small head
And big ears…make me stand out
Physically not strong..
I can’t challenge the instigators to a bout
I am the slow learner
Some times causing pressure
On the family’s income earner
I am the untouchable
Not disabled yet not fully able
The call me the mentally challenged
The one who finds it a challenge to use his mind

Dear god
Some times I cry alone
Some times me and my mother both cry
We cry at this fate
But my parents say
I am their lucky charm
They push me yet ensure I suffer no harm
My father say all that happens
Happens for a reason.. A good reason
I believe him
Just as he believes in me
I will be the change
The reason for the change
Loving God
With your grace
I the mentally challenged
Will one day challenge the mentally fit
I will be what I desire
And on my deserving seat I will sit
I will be the inspiration
My parents see in me

Yes…I will prove to the world
I am an outcast
I have not been created from the standards molds and casts
I am special…I am different
Yes …I am the outcast

The unicorn

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