There is dust everywhere
All around the floor
The sweeper..
Methodically …sweeps
Sweeps with the broom
Dust flies
Mixes in the air…
Almost invisible
the floor is now clean…
A good job done
He… relaxes
Within some time
The floating dust settles
Its dusty once more…
Realizing this..he gets up
Gets up to sweep again
To complete his chore

My mind the floor
There us dust everywhere
All around in my mind
The teacher sweeps…
Sweeps my mind with the knowledge
The dust of ignorance is now less
But with time…
The flying dust settles
And makes my mind a mess
Realizing this..my teachers
Never rest…and ensure I am always up to my best

Dear sweeper…thank you
Seeing you work
I realize…how my teachers work on my mind
They sweep the ignorance dust
and with their able hands
Ensure mind keeps sparkling just

Teachers…thank you
Thank you …Teachers

The Unicorn

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