sharing is caring

sharing is caring

when i was a child
my mother told me
sharing is caring
this statement on me made a impact profound
and this is exactly the reason i write
to give my learning’s a format of words
and these words ..a sound

blessed i have been
with a beautiful life
surrounded by teachers great
experienced i have my share of love and hate
i have risen and fallen
fallen and risen
have been bruised and battered
shoved and loved
missed and kissed
thrown and grown

helping hands many
have ensured that i be what i am
all have taught me
taught me well
lived i have in this life
both haven and hell
destiny also blessed me with the gift of gab
this gab used i both ways
as a weapon at times and at times to make some ones life fab

as i started to write
words rhymed
lines flowed…
at this stage…
my gift of gab..its true purpose
to me showed..
write poetry said my soul
share your observations
share your learning’s
let sharing be your goal
my mothers words
guide me and my soul
least bothered i am about how i am faring
as indeed
sharing is caring…..

The Unicorn

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