….as I walk

....as I walk

As I walk
Walk the path of life
I realize…
It’s the path that chooses me
I think… I do the walk
But the path make me walk
My hunger
My thirst
All are quenched…only when the path wants to
This path beckons me
Move on its says
Do not stay and stagnate
Keep walking…
Travel light…shed the baggage
the emotional baggage
the path takes me thru
…patches lit up…
and patches dark
He heat scorches me
The cold chills me
Strange is this path
…This path of life
It keeps leading me to destinations new
as I walk…path make me meet souls many
Some walking forcefully
..And wandering around lazily are few
My colored vision..gives these souls colors’ and hues
Walk on says the path
Enjoy…every moment
Smell the fragrance and the stink
Rest …is for the lazy..
Walk on …leave back all the snazzy goodies..and your mercurial moodies
So what if some think you are crazy…walk on
The path…takes me…where
I do not bother or care
I walk …I walk the path of life
My free spirit…enjoys
Enjoys this free walk
These free learning’s
as I walk…
Walk this path of life
I enjoy the enjoyment
I enjoy the strife
the path of life….
Keep walking
I Keep walking…

The unicorn

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