Random seasons…of my life

Random seasons...of my life

Winter brings the cold
Cool winds chill my bones
Its the perfect time to my loved ones hold
Share the love and warmth and melt even the hearts made of stones

Come rains and all are drenched
The thirst of mother earth is quenched
Our love let’s shower like rains
Drenching and soaking all in the path…without thinking of gains

The sunny warmth ..and summers here
Warm days…days bright
Tell me.. shed the fear
Enjoy …feel the warmth..spread the cheer

Cometh the autumn
And the leaves fall….
Time to bare my soul
The inhibitions shed and set new goal

Nature seasons…
Bring random lessons to my life
Seasons teach me…lessons many
Season as trustworthy as my loving granny
Season tell me…do not fear change..
As change is always for the good
If unchangeable was time…may be yet in my diapers as a baby I would have stood

Accept and grow with change
Tell me the seasons of nature…
Be humble and enjoy all that comes ones way
Never worried about the man made artificial stature..
The unicorn

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