I close my eyes and pray
a prayer simple
“Dear God
In you I trust
And know for sure
What ever will happen
Will be for my good just”

Just than
Most needed when
Out of nowhere
To shower her love and care
To un conditionally share
To give without wanting
She appears
Dressed as a human simple
Smiling face
Loving eyes
Cheeks with a dimple
She appears
And my sorrows disappear
Flying with her invisible wings of love
More peaceful than the symbolic white dove
She appears
The gods answer to my prayers
To guide me in my moments of despair
She appears…..
Un distinguishable to many
No Air…
…just care
She appears
She is….Gods Angel
His messenger
….as one of us
One of us
Merging in humanity thus
Emerging on call
She is….Gods Angel
Angel of help
Angel of love
Angel of care
Angel…of simply share
She appears…my angel
Gods answer to my prayer
she appears….
…my dear angel
Gods Angel

The Unicorn

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