with a big thud he fell on me

with a big thud he fell on me

with a big thud he fell on me
shaking me from my roots
creaked i in pain
his weight
oh my god was so great

next came the lovey dovey
the slender one
the, oh so petite
feather like
fragrant and charming
her caressing touch
was so warming

some times pressed i am by one too many
wilting under thier weight
i feel like an old granny

wait i patiently
for one and all
sun, shade or rain
i offer my services without a complain

the old ones too make my use
happy they are to use me
and to thank me for my services
they are the only ones, who do not refuse

still wondering who i am
i am the only one
on whome without a bother
you, your backsides slam

since the times forgotten
waiting for you i have stood
i am the bench
made of iron and wood

The Unicorn
( this is the story shared by me by the almost 100 years old bench, whose services i used when i was visiting a small town on the seaside during my first trip to Italy)

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