my free willed destiny….

my free willed destiny....

Am I what I was destined to be

Or is it

I become what I choose to be thanks to my will free

Destiny the road map

Created for the life time present

Destiny the name of the choices made by me before I became me

Destiny my pathway of learning

Destiny the plan to ensure the spiritual growth yearning

Destiny also granted me with a will free

Will free or free will

To test me all the time

And in me the satisfaction of making the right decisions instill

Destined I was for failures and success

Weather I get dejected or elated or take this as a process simple of learning

Is the decision my free will takes

As the decisions of my free will now, new pathways for my destiny make

I go wherever, me my destiny takes

We are all the children of destiny

As even destiny is the result of free will

We are all the child of free will

As free will gives birth to destiny

The Unicorn

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