Drink spirits some to feel light
Drink some to feel elated
To forget the sad memories those,
some drink when they are cheated
Drink some as they feel they have no choice
Some are drinkers to be in the right poise

Life has blessed me with the spirit best
Unflattering tasteful this spirit has passed all the times test
Spirit this keeps me alive
Spirit this let’s me be always in a state of positive drive
Spirit this consumes the whole of me
Unlimited supply keeps coming to me absolutely free

From this fountain of happiness spirit I keep drinking
This unique spirit keeps me always afloat, no question of sinking

This spirit let’s me enjoy my now
Without wondering when will I come to my senses and how

Spirit this is a gift of God indeed
Spirit this on which all should stay drunk
Irrespective of differences in money, thoughts, caste or creed.

Yes this spirit of joy consumes me
Yes this spirit for all is always free


The Unicorn

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