love and peace..

love and peace...

love and peace…
in this universe abounds
love and peace…
everyone always, surrounds
love and peace…
yet experienced by a few
love and peace…
not available in shops nor malls, so where do people queue ?
love and peace…
every ones need, but surprisingly it is repacked and sold as greed

for love and peace we search
in things
in beings
in pets
in projects
in food
in the small talk the momentarily makes us feel good
in homes
in hill stations
in charities and donations
in man made situations
in the situational relations
in physical intimacy
in sexual ecstasy
in books we read
in the things amassed by us to gratify our greed
love and peace
all around…yet so scarce
as we build our life on thoughts so farce

simple love
just love….nothing more or less
such love….me with peace blessed
such peace
simple peace
just peace…of reasons devoid
all the anger and hate destroyed
delivered love

love and peace
peace and love
the yin and the yang
the yang and the yin
so profound
….yet the decisive line so thin

love and peace
peace and love

the unicorn

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