Two dogs

Two dogs

Created by destiny
The two dogs
One a stray
Other a pet
The stray rules the street
To litter and bark at will is life’s biggest treat
The pet governed by rules – life at masters call : all set

The pet dog
Dedicated to the master
Leading a life of a follower
Governed by the rituals of the house where he stays
The game – as per the rules of the master he plays
Bathed and fed
Talked to and walked too
In a life filled with dedication
Distractions and disruptions few
Loves and is loved
Playfully in the car is shoved
The pet
By God
Thanks to the pets love the master ensures his life is set

The stray
Than a stray
Now a stray
A stray forever
Dedication to a master none
Soon barking too is no fun

Two dogs
Created by destiny
Living a dogs life
Yet to the human life a living testimony

The unicorn

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