What’s the purpose
Why do we live
Why do we work
Why do we earn
Why do we learn
Why the life cycles
Why the emotional tangles
And more why
As brooding on this thought with Leo my dog I sit under the sky

His cutie barks get me back
Taking my mind away from the why track
The look in his eyes
Sheer devotion
Just love
He comes forward and lovingly licks my feet
As if they are the worlds best treat

I look at him and smile
He woofs in joy and gives me bigger licks
In that instant it dawned to me
Maybe just serving my master will set me free
If only I could be as selfless and loving
Kind and forgiving

May be the answers to my whats and why
Was right here under these blue skies
If only like Leo : my master I could serve
Loving his creations
And sharing gratitude
Minus my : me and mine attitude

May be ……
This I now need to try
With this resolve firm in my mind
Leo and me walk back enjoying the nature and its hue changing sky

The unicorn

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