She who brought me to life

She who brought me to life

There she lay
Laid by the hands of one’s she called her own
There she lay with a smile
On the pile of woods called pyre
Unaware of the people surrounding her
Who would be witness to her burning
When her body is put on fire

In matters of hours
The body that I knew as my mother
Set to flame by my own hands, became hot ashes
She who brought me to life
Grew me, taught me the values of honest strife

Thank you dear mother
For the values that you gave me
The love and affection
The patience to bear me
Till I achieved near perfection

With a smile she served one and all
Never compromise values
And integrity for money, was her call
I am what I am thanks to you
Your memories fill me with love and energy new

In this domain physical, dead you may be
Live forever you will
Through your spirit, which in me you did instill

The Unicorn

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