My better half

My better half

talked we and talked and talked
two hours
lasted the meeting planned for minutes two
invisible bonds, were in place
the two souls in two bodies were meeting, the first time
would believe who

brought together we were by destiny
to enable us to meet again and again
in her eyes
through her voice
sensed I the need mine, to be with her

decided it was
in that moment, unforgettable
the decision of the lifetime
never has is been regrettable
marry I will this woman

yes she said,
yes- hit me like a bullet in my head
heart went on over drive
the joy in her eyes
the joy in my eyes
knew no reprieve

married we were in a days few
why married we in such a rush
no one had a clue
when two hearts together beat
when two souls feel the heat
the bodies are bound to meet

one who gave me all she had
she who loves me, in spite of knowing I am mad
my better half
the lady of my life
my sweet heart, my wife
The Unicorn

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