My Worth

My Worth

visited I was today by my dear friend
among many other things he asked
one still stays unresolved in my mind
what is the value
the value of your life my friend he asked

funny at first I thought this question was
but no, not at all funny it was on second thought
in a strange thought process I was caught
what is the value of my life in others mind, now this is the answer I sought
to my suppliers: I was worth as good as the next order
to my client: I was worth a job well done
to my employees: …..annual salary, plus bonus and some added fun
to my friends: …..great companion, timely help a good laugh
to my parents: …..priceless – has ever a mother cow valued her own calf
to my wife: …..worth more than her own life
to my bankers: …, as not me but my balance sheet, in their eyes made me a hero

my insurance agent was the one who assessed my value true
showed he various plans and premiums
and from within the jungle of insurance hand in hand we walked through
I realize this now, as a living man my value keeps changing
but with minutest detail I can ascertain
what will be I worth as a dead man for certain

The Unicorn

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