Let’s do it

Let’s do it

I reside in a house
that soon becomes my address, my identity
but is the house me
or I living in the house
an independent identifiable entity

sooner or later
we seek a dwelling better
but bigger better or smaller
how much money we have
on this the whole equation matters

now let’s our perspective shift
and give this story a tiny twist

“I” means the soul
“house” means the body
“money” means the karma

Don’t be upset
don’t despair
Think about the past houses you lived in

think about your dream house
the best, the most lavish
the ultimate

lets dream about resting our souls
in than supreme body
lets work for that supreme karma
that will make that supreme abode
ours by dharma
due to the sheer power of our karma

we can all do it
Let’s do it

The Unicorn

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