….you are God

….you are God

food is thrown in the waste bins here
as it is not to the eaters taste
somewhere they care a damn about the taste
just to get a morsel of food inside their body
they scrape the bins of all the waste

in tatters are the clothes of both
one is the fashion diva
who out of choice, wears the tatters
the other, poor & distraught
tatters are good enough,
to somehow cover her body, for her this is what matters

money : lakhs & crores or millions & billions
is stacked away in safe-rooms with powerful men and women some
to earn just the daily wages
are selling their blood & body some

I am sure you exist, my God dear
still why these differences to my mind this is not clear
I was told maybe it’s the Karma
I am what I am today because of my actions past
on my future
only my present actions can its aspirations cast

so bless all of us dear lord
to do the right with which
we all can make ours and others future bright
bless all of us dear lord
and many more
as however we pray to you
by whatever name we call you
by whatever sex – masculine or feminine we associate you
forgive all of us and love all of us dear Lord
as only you can my dear God.
The Unicorn

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