The big fat Indian wedding

The big fat Indian wedding

it happened again
overweight people
over eating the well laid food
acting as if they were in a joyous mood
on full stomachs
munching and eating
around the fancy tables they sat
the Indian wedding – big and fat

on the stage stood
the couple to be married
they were the only ones who
were but obvious in a great mood

the guests ate and ate and ate
scattered around the lawn and the hall were
many a filled with half eaten food plate
what a royal waste
only to pamper the buds of taste
the power of money, left no stone un turned
lavishness was showered and all common senses spurned

self conscious people dressed in their best
as if appearing for fashion display test
the wedding got over, finally
as the dawn broke
the overfed tired sleepy relatives
for the homeward return journey geared
as the family cheered
the couple drove out
to celebrate
the new companionship
to indulge
in probably their first intercourse
to form new relationships resulting out of lust
and sustained out of love

such a Grande affair, so that two souls
could become soul mates
and think beyond screwing on the bedding
ended finally, one more big fat Indian wedding

The Unicorn

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