Alive now

Alive now

The flow has ebbed
The words no longer surge
To express and express
Is now a passé urge

I look inside
Deep inside
The deeper I go
Slower the words flow

The beautiful calm
The peace
Enveloping my being
Ensuring to the past and future I no longer cling

This is the moment
The moment as defined by the very breath I inhale
The breath ensuring I live
The breath hoping that only in my now I forever believe
This breath
The breath divine
The differentiating factor
Between me the soul
And this body mine

I have been
I am
And I will be
The soul that yearns
The soul that the karmic destinies earns
This body ….
No thats not me
Yet it’s the all important tool to set me from the karmic bondages free

Me the soul
Me the breath
Me the fire
One day to merge in my divine love
That’s all… for what I aspire

The unicorn

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